Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt

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 About the Product 
  •  FIGHTS FOOT FUNGUS & BACTERIA – Our Proprietary Foot Soak is a HIGH QUALITY BLEND of Tea Tree Oil, Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, MSM and Six Additional Essential Oils Formulated to Help Aid in The Relief of Itching, Burning and Inflammation while Combating Fungus & Bacteria Related Infections Such As Athletes Foot, Toenail Fungus & Foot Odor – Our Unique Soak is Designed To Dissolve Quickly and Can Be Used in any FOOT SPA, FOOT BATH, FOOT SOAKER or BASIN 
  • We Were The First To Combine The Power of Epsom Salt, Sea Salt & MSM with Our Unique 7 Oil Blend- Many have Tried But The Quality of Our Foot Soak is Unsurpassed And Has brought relief To thousands of People Suffering From Athletes Foot, Nail Fungus, Foot Odor and Other Foot issues Such as Hard Calluses, Cracked Skin and Common Aches and Pains Associated with Sore Tired Feet 
  •  SOOTHES SORE, TIRED ACHING FEET- Helps Reduce Swelling and Relieves Soreness Caused by Arthritis, Gout and Foot Injuries – Excellent Nighttime Soak For Easing Aches and Pains Before Bed To Help Relieve Foot Discomfort – Strong Antifungal Properties Leave Feet Feeling Clean and Healthy 
  •  SOFTENS CORNS, CALLUSES & NAILS – Our Foot soak helps Soften Stubborn Calluses, Thick Nails and Dead Cracked Skin Found on The Heels and Bottom of the Feet – Use for Pedicures or to Keep Your Feet Looking and Feeling Soft, Clean & Healthy 

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